Adrenaline just ain't the buzz it used to be.
At first, deadlines, demands and continual change gave you a rush. Now, ideas are your substance of choice - but there's never enough time to fully tune in.
That's why four out of five resourceful geeks recommend iTest. We're thought leaders in software testing and business validation and have an ingenious set of tools and best practices to abate risk and eliminate errors.
We help you plug the cash drain by reducing your ongoing maintenance and support costs. We bring you on-site, task-based training workshops (do we have workshops?) so your team learns (quickly) how to eliminate bugs before they sink their teeth into your projects. And, we show you how to find errors early - even before you have software - when costs to fix are exponentially cheaper.
Problem solving is our raison d'être. And while we're occasionally known for busting out fatuous phrases like problem solving is our raison d'être, we never say, you're on your own, bub.
Wondering about specifics? Here's our life's work, abridged to a pithy handful of bullet points. (A shame, really, but we know you're busy.)
We offer:
  • Test cases developed from requirements (more on requirements-based validation)… yes, all of them
  • Custom tool set integration of all validation processes (here's an example
  • Practices that are field-proven in all major tools, platforms, and methodologies
  • Requirements automatically linked to test cases, linked to failures, linked to defects, linked to code, finally back to the requirements themselves (the virtuous circle of software quality - more on all these links)
  • Engineered test cases and expected results before any code is written
  • Minimal set of test cases (and thus, labor) that will uncover the most bugs
  • Independent test teams separate from developers (not too separate)
  • Business requirement test cases and technical test cases created simultaneously
  • Information repository that links all important project artifacts and promotes reusability (more on repository)
  • Reusable regression test beds with repeatable test cases
  • Xtreme testing designed around rapid, incremental delivery of continuously integrated chunks (yes, chunks, but it's really xtreme project management)
  • Simple quality-driven best practices (including standard tool integration) that can be applied to any organization and methodology
  • Fact-based management and metrics that provide window into true progress, and have been designed to predict future failures (more on metrics)
  • Project Risk Calculator for your effort
  • A raft of other impressive bullets that got edited for space
Want the 500,000 word version?